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For the first time probably ever, I was in Rhode Island twice in one week!  The first time, celebrating award winning Judd Brown Designs at Aspire, (great party…worth the two hour drive at 5PM!  yikes.) where we received a fabulous restaurant recommendation from “our designer” (that, appropriately, sounds… SO gay!) and friend Kevin O’Brien, who highly recommended Bacaro, for our return trip to the Ocean State, planned for the weekend with college buddies and their wives.

Opened by long time Chef of long time Providence success Al Forno, the night at Bacaro was mostly excellent. 
Here are the keys to an excellent night;

1. They drove
2. Great friends almost guarantys a great time, almost anywhere.
3. A big fat Martini secures the guaranty. 
4. A huge “Cichetti” ala carte menu (The Italian version of Tapas)
5. Someone at the table saying… “Scott, you order for us” (watch out!)

I regret now, that perhaps I should have ordered less “Salumi” (Prosciutto from Italy, Sopressetta from Italy, Sopressetta from Iowa, “Little Rump” Prosciutto from Iowa, oh, and the Bresaola…)  but also Pork Belly, Scallops in Truffled Mushrooms, Fried Meatballs stuffed with Fontina, Roasted Baby Potatoes, the Taleggio in “Carozza” that Kevin urged, and much more.  Lots of really, really good food.  Then the caesar salad, the turnip and apple soup, the marguerita flatbread, the wine…and then…the bill.

It was a great time, and I would definately recommend Bacaro, but with a “but”.  Although it was great space, a great time, a great menu, and very close to great food, the prices were akin to NYC, with a couple of “gimme a break” faux pas.

Priced “wrong” #1  $3.50 per Oyster
Priced “wrong” #2  $3.00 per stuffed cherry pepper
Priced “wrong” #3  For $6.00, give 3 or 4 small roasted potato tapas.  2 -2oz potatoes?  Really? They were potatoes.  They were good.
Priced wrong #4 and 5,6,7;  All flatbread pizzas were $20.00.  Except the Marguerita (sauce and cheese) which was $19.00!!  That was funny!  No sausage, no peppers, no prosciutto or spinach or goat cheese or fig.  Slash that puppy by…a buck!!

I’m just sayin…

In the end, maybe Bacaro was out of my league.  I have an uncle who rightfully scoffs at the expression “It’s all relative” (duh), and I KNOW we are criticized for being overpriced (by the poor people), but truth is…I would spend the same again, for the food, the ambience, the EXCELLENT service…and mostly…for a great night out with friends!

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