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Yelp is being sued. Haha.  I love saying that.  I love writing it.  I love thinking about it. 

For those of you who know me well, I do not take pleasure in the pain of others.  Unless sometimes, the “others” cause pain.  It’s not so much an “eye for an eye” type of thing, and for those who know me well, I wouldn’t use “The Golden Rule” definition (although it’s one of my favorite church slash bible edicts)  I’m more of the old neighborhood, “what comes around goes around” kind of guy.

(and, just maybe, just a little bit of an “I told you so” kind of guy!)

Yelp is being sued.  I just smiled again.  Actually, I’m experiencing a whole “body smile” right now.  Just short of giggling.  You know the feeling…that tingle that accompanies the end of a long Marguerita at the end of a long day.  That “aaaaaahhh” feeling that accompanies the old “I’m cracking an egg over your head” little kid game and “now the yolk (fingertips) is running down your neck and back!”   aaaahhh…I’m tingling…giddy almost.

Yelp is being sued!  CLASS ACTION SUIT! EXTORTION!  What’s the deal, you ask?  Yelp uses negative reviews (many that are paid for, by the way) to create incentive in business owners to hand over advertising dollars.  Pay, look good.  Don’t pay, and we’ll post the comments of any knucklehead who would complain that the ice cream was cold!  Or the cooks hat is on backwards.  Or….nevermind….

It happened to us.  It’s happened to many.  Say “no” to Yelp’s Sales force and..”what?”  Another negative review pops up.  Written by who?  A food critic?  NOPE!  Someone who understands culinary?  Possibly not. (unless BK qualifies) Someone who was angry?  Probably.  Someone who is drunk? Could be.  Vengeful?  Quite possible.  Ex Employee who got fired for being three hours late…again?!  Absolutely. 

Got paid by Yelp to yelp something negative in case we choose not to advertise?  Apparently so. (meaning, definitely)

Yelp is being sued. And I’m going for a smoke.

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