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If you haven’t noticed, we try to “set the bar” locally in the way of culinary creativity and adventure.  Of course, Hummus didn’t begin selling in Lowell until, like, 2008, a good 10 years after it was old news elsewhere.  Quick side note; Soooo, people like fried cheese.  So instead of frying Mozzarella sticks like “every other” lame chain restaurant, we chose Brie.  Of course, sometimes you can’t win.  On YELP (Did I ever mention how much I hate YELP?) some dude writes in that COBBLESTONES is 3 stars, not 4 stars, for among other reasons, we don’t fry a high quality brie.  Seriously, here’s a question for Mr. Critic…WHY would you want a high end brie, breaded and dropped in a fry-o-lator in the 1st place!!  (Knucklehead)

Back to hot.  Sorry.  I get worked up. (Hot under the collar?)

So, hummus aside (and Mussels, which we KNEW were awesome 17 years ago when we opened but took them off the menu TWICE in the 1st 10 years because they didn’t move. (sell)  Now, in 2011, Lowell loves Mussels.

What’s hot now?  (According to NYC, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, etc)

Classic American Cocktails.  We have had them all along, but we added three more this week.

Bourbon.  American is back in vogue, and after baseball and Apple Pie, nothing is more American than Bourbon.  (We have actually used it in THREE new cocktails.  My favorite? The Brown Derby.  Your favorite?  Try the Lynchburg Lemonade.  Or The Patio Punch.

Making your own sour mix is hot.  We do that.  (No one else around here does that.  I promise you.)  Did I mention the Patio Punch?

Bitter is hot.  And bitters. Chocolate and orange, whiskey barrel aged and old school Peychaud (NOLA).   Did I mention the Emerson?  Our new-old drink born in Chicago, with Gin, house made lemon mix and whiskey barrel aged bitters?  Awesome.  (Thanks to Daughter Tara for inspiring a trip to Chicago, and to Bar Manager Kim Mello for recreating the discovery!)

Truffles are hot.  (Ask Kathy to tell you about her $90.00 appetizer at Gotham Bar and Grill)  Try our new flatbread (still hot) pizza, with 3 cheeses, garlic oil, wild mushrooms and truffle oils.

IBU’s are hot.  International Bitter Units.  The way geeks define how hoppy (bitter) a beer is.  Thanks to the IBU craze, we have added Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA to our menu. It is really, really, really tasty.  (Notes of orange, banana, honey, brown sugar, and bitter) (Hey, did you think “he’s a geek”?!)

Printing the ABV on the beer menu is hot.  (We do that now)  Alcohol by volume.  So…a 4.2% Bud Light ABV vs an 8.5% Raging Bitch has… 1/2 the alcohol!  (I’m sharp like that)

Beer menus are hot.  We now have 50.  Who has more, or better beer, than we do?

Bourbon Barrel aged beer is hot.  We’ve got an incredible one.  Sooo tasty.  Seriously.

Our new menu starts tomorrow.  Or you could go somewhere else.  We get that.

That’s why we keep working so hard to bring you better.

When you come to COBBLESTONES… You’re hot!  Let us know what you think.



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