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Where to begin?

Snow in October?  That can’t be TOO crazy a notion to New Englanders, but then again, the Supermarkets were full up, and the bottled water sold out.  Maybe it’s me…

Or, the “State of emergency” declared by the city of Lowell.  Parking bans at 10PM.  It’s obviously not easy to make a call like that.  And I guess I don’t really know the full ramifications of choosing NOT to declare emergency.  But I would think, saving the city $100,000 that they don’t really have, and letting the chips (and trees!) fall where they may, would be the way to go.  Honestly, the snow is all gone 4 days later.  Maybe it’s me…

Speaking of falling trees, of course the power went out in Tyngsboro (always does!), yet I chose to stay home.  I like it cold.  I sleep better in my own bed, and with a blanket full of down… ’nuff said.  Candles, a fire in the fireplace… But when I woke up at 5AM I was itching to work (no computer), have coffee (no coffee machine), watch tv (nope), read? (the sun wasn’t up yet!).  I began pacing, thinking “where can I go?”  (DD would be 1st!)  I strolled to the front window and quickly realized I wasn’t going anywhere.  A huge oak tree had falled only 5 feet from the front of my truck. My lucky day. Back to bed…

Usually, these events don’t rattle my personal cage, but are horrible for business. Apparently it was our “lucky day!”  With towns upon towns without power and restaurants in both Lowell and Chelmsford shuttered, somehow Cobblestones and Moonstones were unaffected.  With no coffee makers, no stoves and very few restaurants to choose from, guess what that meant for us?  Burger time!  We packed the house at bothe locations and had near record setting Sundays!  Maybe it’s me…but Mother Nature was alright with us this time around.

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