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Sorry fans…it’s been awhile!  Holiday shopping (yea, right!), kids home (many movies), Holiday functions, football games, winter naps, making sure the managers don’t need my help (yea, right!)…

So…at Moonstones…We tried what NYC’s David Chang (Momofuko) made somewhat ubiquitous in “cool like that” restaurants in New York, Chicago, Boston, etc.

PorK Belly.

Pork Belly is not a new invention.  It has been around as long as pigs.  The Chinese loooove their Pork Belly.  (whereas, we love our bacon)

Sorry…quick quiz question!  If you are in the Midwest, and the breakfast waitress asks you if you want “A Bob”, what is she asking?

OK, back to it.

Pork Belly.  Not new.  But, as a delectable, crsipy, fatty, sticky, succulent menu item in culinary hot spots, it became really popular only a few years ago.  Mind you, not in the Merrimack Valley.  We are stiill getting cable TV in some places around here.  (No shit!  Check out downtown Lowell.  No cable)  I digress.  (again)


OK..Pork Belly.  Not new.  New to cool restaurants.  Now in the MVM, because, well, because someone put it on the menu in Chelmsford.  Moonstones actually.  (me, actually)

“Pan Seared Pork Belly”.  Did not sell.

We renamed it.  ”Seared Pork bacon”.  Maybe “belly” scares the folks here in “The ‘Burbs. Same stuff, a creative diversion in name.  Did not sell.

Stubbornly, we (I) renamed it again.  ”Seared and succulent Pork”.  Surely, “succulent” will do the trick. Same stuff, different name. Did. Not. Sell.
(I hear Mike Singletary in my head; “We can’t win with Pork Belly. Can’t do it. Won’t do it.”


Here comes the new super Chef.  Robert Jean.  (We (I) will talk more about Chef Jean later)

“Hey Plath, how about we create some pork lettuce wraps with that belly?”  says the new hot shot.  (No, he really is.  That’s no fresh. Maybe a little fresh.  I’m jealous.)

“Yea, sure chef.  Good luck with that.” I say, forcing a smile.

Same stuff, add lettuce leaves. Sells like crazy.

Seriously?  Maybe I should just grab a…BASKET OF BACON…and go watch TV.  (Once we get cable)


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