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Last night, we proudly accepted the award for “BEST AMERICAN RESTAURANT” In the Merrimack Valley, as voted by the readers of Merrimack Valley Magazine just recently.  It was a fun evening at the Steven’s Estate in Andover–and Merrimack Valley Magazine put on a 1st class awards banquet.  (The newest issue is out–and this guys latest column!)

As I accepted the award, on behalf of our management team–two who were there but were too “shy” to accept the award themselves–it dawned on me AGAIN (and again and again) that we only win awards–and loyalty and success–as a result of the leadership we charge with setting and maintaining our goal of excellence.  Please read the following memo, posted in our restaurants only days ago.  We could win many more awards–and open many more restaurants.  We SURELY have no shortage of ideas or support.  (We get contacted almost weekly by someone who wants us to look at their space–or wants to invest in our next venture)

It will happen.  But NOT before we have enough leadership–the kind of people who are hard to find, and who stay the course of time, while continuing to smile and protect our brand–as is done day in and day out, by the special team we have in place right now

MEMO: To our awesome team

We just wanted to share with you…

We NEVER stop thinking about our NEXT possible success
(Is it a BBQ theme? A franchise? An Italian “Café”? American Beer Company (ABC)?!  Changing the way children are
nourished at Boys and Girls Clubs? A fleet of food trucks?  A Mexican Cantina en Fuego…with 100 Tequilas?  City Seafood
in the rough?  A beach side “shanty”?)

We possess the resources, knowledge, expertise, desire and passion

* We have the best reputation around for quality, growth and success

* We have the best staff—That which most makes us great above all else

* We have bank credit and solid financial standing

* We have many friends who would invest…

* AND…We have endless ideas for how to grow, and help—employ others, support our communities, provide enriching environments, etc!

 BUT, there is ONLY ONE THING that stops us from achieving whatever we decide to do in the future, which could actually be tomorrow! 


Defined as those who share our values, and wish to establish a career with us 
-Setting an example of excellence and leading others to success.

       If you want to play, step up to the plate!

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