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I have pet peeves.  Probably way more than I want anyone to know.  I have a rather healthy self-image (thanks mom and dad!) and I like to think of myself as being a tad bit cooler than the average bear.  But I am not sure how cool one can be, with so many things that ticks one off.

I would like to think that there is some sort of cool-credit, when so many of these aforementioned idiosynchrocies are work related.  Because, in life, I think most of my hang ups are traffic-centric.  (“Why is that idiot blocking the intersection?”, “I will run those baggy-pants wearing, sauntering-slowly-across-the-street against-the-light little pricks right the hell over!” etc)  That’s probably, almost the whole list.  (yea, right!)

But at work…or in “the industry”, what a list I could write.  (I should start keeping that list for my eventual-book)

OK…so here’s one of my biggests “grrrr” inducers.  All those bartenders and staff members that fill the glass over the edge!  Makes me crazy.  Draught beer or soda gun, makes no difference.  Smarten up people.

Like at the (excellent) Boo Bee Bash cancer fundraiser just recently. Every. Single. Time… that the bartender mixed a drink by using the soda gun, she kept her finger on the button until the soda ran freely over the edge.  Then, every single time, she grabbed a couple of cocktail napkins and wiped off all around the glass.  

Forget about the waste of soda.  Or the waste of cocktail napkins.  Or the weak tasting drink.  Or the mess on the bar.  Or the stickiness now on my fingers–or anything else I touch.  Forget all that!  It’s simply, just, so unecessarily dumb.  Remove your finger from the button 2 seconds earlier. Is that so tough? You have no idea how hard it is for me not to shout “STOOOOOOOP.”  AAARGH.

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