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You think I’m kidding!

What’s trending? Here you go, the good, the new and the ugly!

– Chicken livers, fried chicken, chicken and waffles, well, chicken.
wish I had thought of that! :)
– Farm to table, nose to tail. Ask me why.
– Local, duh. Hopefully, it is not a trend, and “thank you” Chef Alice Waters.
– Pig Face. But not anytime soon with these parts, in these parts.
– Sweetbreads. See above.
– Pickled and preserved things. Just watch. (More “our” speed)
– Global Sandwiches (Say whaaat!)
– Kale following Brussel sprouts, but soon cauliflower.
And, don’t count out broccoli for a return to vogue! (Sun chokes? Maybe someday)
– Umami. Good luck with that one.
– Fishy fishes. (Ask me why)
– Tapas. Latin. And Mexican. (Since, like, La Alamo, but, on and on!)
– Nutella.
– Jerusalem.
– Smoke, maple, barrel aged.
– House made vinegar.
– Mezcal, sours, gins, bitter, pressed juices, shrubs.
– Sherry as a mixer. Hell yes.
– Sorghum…almost.

Stay tuned for more. And, the ability to share with the community. “Any day now”

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