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So, years ago, NYC’s Chef/owner Alfred Portales was the first chef to gain notoriety for “stacking” food.  Basically, building up, to add height and a more dramatic presentation than the uniform meat-vegetable-potato-gravy look of all components laying flare around the plate.

On one visit years ago, I recall watching servers leave the kitchen on two occasions where the food tumbled over on the plate en route to the table.  Both times the server pivot immediately, and headed back to the kitchen for a re plating, clearly trained that the food must arrive to the table as intended.

Little did I know back then that these weakly constructed dinners were not properly rated for delivery.

At moonstones, we have a beloved food runner named Devin, who has been with us for years.  Of the various types of walk we witness in life- The cowboy-like saunter, the snail’s crawl, the be-boy bop, the stray-cat strut, the runway sashay… Enthusiastic Devin exhibits a sort of bouncy-house, life-is-grand skip, that is both joyous, and a bit precarious when carrying plates.  As she passed by me last night with a plate, on her way back to the kitchen, she smirked and declared; “It was not Devin-proof.”

Love it.

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