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Yes, Valentines weekend is now 5 days away.  Tell me you won’t be ready to celebrate love after shoveling out a 3rd week in a row!  We can’t do anything about the weather, but we CAN make sure the wine flows, the fire roars, and the food is outstanding.

But this blog is NOT a promotion for Valentine’s Day.  Or wine, though we do not discriminate. Both of our restaurants will sell out all weekend and we will have to turn people away.  This post IS A PROMO for our beer-centric role in this year’s Lowell Winterfest, a really COOL annual weekend in downtown.  The details of which can be explored on the website below.  Way below.

BEFORE you click there, you should click CRAFT BEER SHOWCASE if you love beer and tasting beer and talking beer (talking about beer, that is, not beer that talks.  We don’t have anything like that other than in the metaphorical sense that “that beer really speaks to me”…then….we will have plenty of that!)  Where was I?  Oh yea, GREAT live music, great food, 25 brewer’s…and 20% off the ticket price if you purchase in advance.  Oh, and, if you don’t want to click CRAFT BEER SHOWCASE, but you DO want 20% off the admission, well, the best thing to do would be to visit COBBLESTONES, have an actual beer, purchase a ticket in person, ask the bartender all kinds of questions, order some spicy pork cracklin’s, order another beer, with the money you saved by planning ahead.  Just sayin’



Other notes:

If you home brew, or know someone who does, click on HOMEBREW CONTEST being held at COBBLESTONES the night of the Craft Beer Showcase.

If you need reservations for Valentine’s day before we sell out, PLEASE call direct; We don’t trust online reservations for such special nights!

COBBLESTONES @ 978.970.2282
Moonstones @ 978.256.7777
(moonstones Sunday brunch?  Same number)



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