Every year since we opened in 1994–that’s 23 year’s ago if I counted on my fingers correctly–the city of Lowell is transformed into the largest FREE Folk Festival in the country, thanks to the hard work and planning of so many!!  I say every year, who knew that The National Park folk can throw such an amazing celebration!  The City too, does an incredible job transforming our streets into a safe, vibrant and celebratory weekend-long event that benefits the community, the local businesses (in the middle of summer when its needed most!) and the waves of visitors!

Our “little” restaurant benefits from a small percentage of the thousands of people who descend upon lowell for the LAST FULL WEEKEND IN JULY.  They come for amazing music, crafts, food, friendship…the party…the opportunity to see Lowell at its best.

And each year, so we can put our own best foot forward, we start planning early–by assembling folks that we know–family, friends, former employees–as our staff nearly doubles for that weekend each year.

Please enjoy the following recruitment letter, written by one of our return “employees,” who has attended every one of the 23 Folk Festivals since COBBLESTONES opened (and she was 2 years old), and who is often now, one of our lead recruiters of folks!


Dear people I love dearly,

Here is the long-awaited annual invitation to the Lowell Folk Fest!  July 28th-30th. 

 Most of you know the drill, but those that don’t: you’re invited to come work for my parents at their downtown restaurant Cobblestones with a group of dope ass people as we do highly skilled labor that we all got our art degrees for: flip burgers, prepare hot dog buns, pour lemonade, pour beer, or if you’re Joe Mault, run back and forth between the outside tent and the basement kitchen no less than 700 times. 

Perks include: 

  • Yelling “86” when things run out 
  • Eating your weight in pulled pork and jambalaya
  • Getting drunk at a very reasonable rate
  • Seeing my childhood bedroom
  • Witnessing (a few) crazies that flock to this fair city every year
  • If you’re lucky, walking around a bit and seeing some cool stuff like Angkor dance or Tuvan throat singing
  • Making a few dollars
  • Watching me in fine form trying to convince people that the hot dogs are reasonably priced
  • Witnessing the festival culminate in a trashy (and jubilant) dance party in the parking lot, complete with…. reggae music and a drink called Reggae rum punch that can really sneak up on you.
  • Riding a historical trolly car
  • Truly learning the meaning of our city’s motto “There’s a Lot to Like About Lowell”


  • If you don’t want to work, you’re welcome to come and enjoy anyways! As always, everyone can crash at the house. 

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