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To all of our friends and guests,

We know you are being inundated with information and its mostly the same. As always, we remain committed and concerned for your health, and that of our staff, and also our business health…

Given the concern surrounding the coronavirus we want to reassure you that we at the Stones Hospitality Group are closely following any new developments. In the meantime, our incredible staff here at Cobblestones and moonstones continue to be, as always, ready to welcome you and keep you cared for and safe.

We will not tell you to wash your hands more—you’ve heard that many times already—and we are sanitizing everything, every day, all day! We will not quote you numbers, or add to the network news “assault” on your sense of reason. And we surely won’t address the whole toilet paper thing—we are at a loss over that one!

We want you to know that we are following all protocol and guidelines provided by both the CDC and the National Restaurant Association. We may have to make adjustments in the weeks to come to hours, menu, staffing, etc. so make sure to check our social media accounts and website often for any updates.

Should you want to enjoy us at home or in the office, in your newfound positions as homeschool teachers and Zoom teleconference leaders, we can meet you at the curb with your phoned-in order, or you can order delivery online.

Scott and Kathy Plath

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