The Wining’s of a Mad Restaurateur

Written by  ,     August 22, 2009     Posted in The Lighter Side

As much as the restaurant life has it’s challenges, the benefits can be quite fruitful!  Take the wine sample for example. 

We update our wine list annually at both Cobblestones and Moonstones.  
In the fall.  Coincidentally, we vacation each year, in the summer. 
And updating the wine list is most effectively done by, well, tasting wine. 
And tasting wine is most enjoyably enjoyed, on vacation, via the…free sample. 
This year…
“Calling all wine vendors…We are looking to add some mid priced Cabernet’s…and perhaps a couple of reserves, if you have anything you would like us to sample”

And sample we did!! 
Appropriately on…Martha’s Vineyard! 
“Ooh, that Kenwood is nice.” 
“Aah, the Beringer Reserve is so well balanced” 
“Are you picking up the boysenberry in The Crusher” 
(Honestly, does anyone know what a boysenberry actually tastes like!!??)


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