Lenzi’s Catering Indeed!

Written by  ,     September 8, 2009     Posted in Business

At last December’s Greater Lowell Boys and Girl’s Club Christmas Auction, Kathy and I successfully bid on a day boat ride for 4 donated by “Captain” Mike Lenzi (Lenzi’s Catering) to Martha’s Vineyard.  The prize included a round of golf at Farm Neck Golf Course in Oak Bluffs, and dinner.  This past Labor day weekend, that package turned into a “wild” three day exursion, with all six managers from Cobblestones and Moonstones, beginning with the drive to the Marina at midnight Saturday when both restaurants closed. After a warm reception and too many laughs, Captain Mike finally cooked us “breakfast sausages” @ 6AM before we all went to bed!!  Back up at 9AM, the 8 of us bounced and held on (after a few Bloody Mary’s) as Mike and 1st mate Corey Belanger (Major’s Pub) guided us through 4-5 foot seas Sunday morning.  We “tied up” for a dip, diving off the back of the 33ft “Off Course”, before landing in Oak Bluffs for some Fried Clams.  For the next 36 hours we all enjoyed much that Martha’s Vineyard has to offer, and each other, until the return trip home last night across 1ft, “pink” ocean as the sun set over Cape Cod while the bluefish didn’t bite.  Hardly a disappointment considering.  With broken radio, engine trouble and a grin that spoke volumes, Captain Mike delivered us safely back to Hyannis Marina, before taking us all out for a final dinner.  Some, but not all!, photos to follow!  (and none of any golf)

Don’t even think of bidding against us next December.


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