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This is the kind of sh** we have to put up with. And, don’t get me wrong. Those of you who read this, or follow our restaurants know by now that I love what I do for a living and appreciate our friends, fans and supporters immensely! But at the moment…

You’ve probably heard about the lady who sent back the Shrimp Cocktail because it was “cold”! Or the one about the Blackened Swordfish that was “burnt”. Or the guest who complained his burger was medium rare, not rare as he ordered (as blood pooled on his plate) but recounted the story weeks later to me at a function: “Remember me? I’m the guy who ordered the rare burger and it came out well done”

It’s the 1% of coo coo clueless that we have to deal with, and the sh** that just makes no sense, that sometimes taints the whole deal just a ‘lil bit.

And it keeps going…

For instance: We are running a season long football promotion at Cobblestones. Likewise, we are building a fan base on Facebook to create a stream of (free) promotional information, to save the $300.00 that a small ad costs in the local paper that no one pays attention to anyway. Soooo…We ran a Patriots opening day buffet FOR FREE (Picture PILES of ribs, steak tips, eggs and sausage, cornbread and fried chicken, etc) for our fans. Come in, eat for free, buy a couple of beers and watch the game. Love us, come back again with friends.

But, what do you do when a couple shows up with the newsletter. Eats heartily, orders water, leaves in the 1st quarter??! $0 spent. Who knows, maybe they thought we were a fancy soup kitchen? Or free food is a tax write off?

I wonder what the lady was thinking this past Wednesday, who enjoyed the 6 entree, two sandwich, pasta, potato, salad, etc weekly lunch buffet for $11.99, then pulled out a Ziploc and started filling it with sandwiches for “the girls” right off the buffet table. No sh**. I’m serious. This is some non fiction bs. People are truly crazy. But hey, I’m toasting them at the bar in 5 minutes! As “the kids these days” say…Whatever! (or, text, “wtvr”)

And don’t even get me started on who is taking pay raises, while we cut hours, cut pay and deplete retirement savings!! If I didn’t have to make friends for a living, I probably wouldn’t have any!

Makin’ it (impossible) in Massachusetts!

**Join us at our tailgate party this Sunday, before the Patriots play the Jets. Then, the big screen! 70 degrees, cold beers, bbq, raffle prizes…including Patriot tickets for the 2nd time they send the Jets to the school of hard knocks!

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