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Who am I?

I have just returned from traveling. Again. I was sitting at my friends bar, talking excitedly with a friend of a friend (who happens to be hot), who was sitting next to my daughter who happened to be sitting next to my friend, the bar’s owner. ABBA I remarked. No offense I offered. As I chatted with the friend of a friend, my daughter and the bar owner were engaged in food science banter (I imagine I know that, although I couldn’t really have, because I was talking excitedly)(a lot)

My daughter and the bar owner had concocted, by way of the cooperative bartender (cooperating with the boss, I might say, is a good career decision), an aromatic beer beverage by combining an as of yet unknown liqueur, with an as of yet unknown beer, with Guinness. My (hot) friend of a friend had left, and I was asked by A to taste the drink currently in front of B. (my daughter) A suggested I should recognize the unknown flavor. I didn’t. “Ginger” my daughter offered. “Right” I said with confidence. Of course. Hmm, like candied Ginger. The aroma is excellent. Good drink.

It was quite delicious. Sweet. I guessed wrong. Pumpkin? Yes. And? Hmmm. Did you know that you just can’t reduce Guinness I said. “Yes”, my daughter knew. “The proteins complex and coagulate”. (She likened the result to stringy snot) I agreed, but observed a “hills and valleys” quality that adversely affect lasidesufyrtong. (That’s what “The sides of your tongue” sounded like when I reached my fingers into my mouth to demonstrate exactly where the astringency takes place)

My daughter mentioned that by perhaps depressing the boiling point, to degas the water in an “aspirated vacuum” (at this point the owner started writing stuff down for his blog thanks to the use of the cooperative bartenders pen) the Guinness would respond differently. I suggested “Crenulated”. “No, not trenulated, crenulated” I told the bar owner as he furiously made notes for this blog. “I’ll look it up on my phone”.

The owner had to go. My daughter was headed to the OC to meet a friend.

Who am I?

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