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A (very happy) guest was leaving Cobblestones earlier this week, on their way back to Boston after conducting business locally and raving about Cobblestones. “We need one of these where I live” She asked where they could grab a Starbucks coffee for the drive. Sadly, I told her that there are no Starbucks in Lowell. She seemed surprised. “All that Lowell has accomplished, and no Starbucks?”

And, say what you want about $4.00 coffee. And, say what you want about gentrification or Yuppies or corporate America. I get all that. But the sad truth is, no matter how may columns Kendall writes about Lowell’s progress, and how many new restaurants Lowell helps to open with low interest this and tax free that, the local demographic does not support the numbers successful operations like Starbucks demand before opening in a town. (or City?)

That said, there is some really good coffee to be had in Lowell. And some great food. And some great theater and great entertainment. Maybe one day, the powers that be will start successfully catering to, and wooing businesses that have spending money, enough one day to attract a Starbucks and make local businesses comfortably successful so they can compete on an even higher level!!

Just curious. Is that what the impending new Courthouse will create?

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