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Come September, and as long as local squash is still available it is our Soup du jour consistently, in both of our restaurants. Farmers in New England LOVE that they can still sell produce in December, as Squash keeps for a decent amount of time!

At moonstones, we serve the squash soup with a dollop of cinnamon creme fraiche (sour-cream-like “whipped cream”) Sooo, I sort of get it, when we served a bowl recently to a lady and she said; “Oo, Cool Whip. I love cool whip”. Seriously.

I love visiting hot new restaurants. (A rare event these days) I also like visiting “old” successful restaurants, to see how they maintain their success. Like Horsefeathers, in North Conway, just recently. An icon, who, IMHO, are not maintaining very well. It felt old and tired. (Note to self…)

“The Fighter” is a great movie. I was amazed how much pride I felt for Lowell and the movie about Lowell’s Micky Ward, despite not being “from here” during a private screening earlier this week.

Before the movie, at a packed reception at The Marriott, I stood next to two friends who were saying: “It’s so crowded in here”. “It’s so hot in here”. “You can’t even get the bar”. “The tent outside is too cold”. They were right, but, shut…up! I moved through the crowd to hang with other friends.
“You two are bringing me down”

AFTER the movie, many of the same folks went to moonstones for post premier cocktails. The place was packed. It was great, and watching Micky take picture after photo with fans was awesome. But I was honestly hoping my friends weren’t bitching about MY joint!!!

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