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Apparently, the first true advance in sleep study since Freud and REM, occurred a couple years ago. “Since forever”, it was thought that during sleep, there were dreams, and also…nothing. That the brain “rested”. Similar to death. Nothingness.

“Not true” scientists recently discovered. In fact, the brain “catalogues” while sleeping, organizing, compartmentalizing and “figuring shit out” that may have been lost during the often hectic nature of wakefulness.

I know it to be true, with how many times like this morning, where I would rather have slept more than 4 hours, but at 4AM I woke up saying (in my head); “Holy shit, what a great idea”! So great in fact, that I had to get up and start working on it that moment. (I believe too, that is how Einstein invented electricity!) I’d share the idea with you but honestly…I have forgotten what it was already. (not enough sleep)

New SubJect.
You know what’s awesome about having daughters raised in the restaurant business? They love to go out to eat. And they love picking excellent restaurants! (Of course, when the bill comes…not so great…)

Last week visiting Tara in Chicago, she chose Balsan, in the Elyssian Hotel. We arrived and had cocktails in the lounge first, call “Bernard’s”. A place where they bring you mixed nuts (smoked, even) in a silver bowl, as you settle into a velvet booth. I overtipped the bartender in exchange for his recipe for the “Emerson” which was incredible. I suggested that Kim put it on the menu at Cobblestones and Kim almost always loves my suggestions. (Unless they include Blood Oranges. Or Kumquats)

So, here’s the thing. In Chicago, at a swank restaurant, an appetizer of La Quercia (American) Prosciutto costs only $8.00 (where in NYC or Boston it might be $12. Or $15.) And, in Chicago, that same appetizer came in a pile as tall and large as, say, an orange. (Only light and fluffy) What, maybe 3 ounces? (where in NYC or Boston, you would get a slice or two laid flat down the center of a plate. An ounce at best)

I heart Chicago. I love La Quercia.

Time for a nap…and to get some stuff worked out.

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