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We are leaving in an hour for my “hometown”, New York City, one of my all time favorite things to do.  When I head to Gotham city, I get excited like back in the day when I actually thought a chubby Jollydude in a red suit was coming down the chimney.  The gifts we will be receiving in NYC will be more of the food and beverage variety, of course.

Usually, I make these forays a few times a year, and generally either alone to hook up with my brother, or with whatever daughter might be sitting aside of me at the Giants game.  I go to Manhattan for so many things; The incredible energy, the culture and diversity, the subway, the amazing and different food, and, not ONLY because it creates a tax write off…for the research and development.  EVERY time, something new.  The menus at both restaurants reflect many NY inspired results.

What makes this trip different is that it will be with 7 other people, a few who have never really been, or been at all!  I am excited Just thinking about watching the faces and imagining the emotion of someone hopping around the streets of Manhattan for the 1st time.  I also wonder if they are any more excited than I am, still, 47 yaers later! (and I also wonder if they will still be there with me at 3AM, while NY is still white hot, and we debate drunkenly where to eat before bed!)

At 3PM, we will seek out the oldest ale house in the City (can you name it?) where you are not able to order a single beer (you get two), smoked fishes, cured meats, tequila concoctions, fashion statements at every corner, street food, The Staten Island Ferry, great pizza (for a change), something completely different,  pastrami on rye at Katz’s, sopas and arepas, madness,  and more food drunk and ready for bed.  With reservations at 6PM, 9PM and 11PM (because in The Big Apple, getting into a hot spot on a Saturday night with 8 people without reservations is about as probable as getting Merrimack Valley Magazine to reimburse me for the trip!) (And, unlike Vegas, you can’t slip someone sumpin’ sumpin’ and have that velvet rope unclasped) we will at least have places to land, if impromtu is not working.  And despite all the places we will go, I guaranty before we call it a night, the decision about where to go the last snack will not be difficult!  Mamoun’s for street falaffels? Chinatown? The Blue Ribbon for Bone Marrow and oysters? Lombardi’s? The Coffee Shop in Union Square?  (where the beats will be pounding)? Italian? Malaysian? Sushi? Swedish Bitterballen? Pomme frites? (for french fries!)  Or maybe Just panckes and eggs….Or all of the above.  Because in Manhattan, you can often disperse to four corners at the same intersection and find 8 different varieties of sate.

If you want to hear more, read the next issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine.

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