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After months of no plans being accomplished, we Jumped in the car and headed to S. Dartmouth to see an old college roomates, and their beautiful sons and daughters, (one who FINALLY fessed up that she likes me after all).  Nothing special happened, other than the obvious; Friends, wine, beach clearing lightning storms, 5lb lobsters cut up into a big bowl of  butter, Wellfleet dunes (if you have never hung out at the beach at Cahoon Hollow, you are missing out), wine (did I say that already?), waves…you know, summer with friends, without plans, but it all comes together.  Even, an unexpected beach party complete with bon fire, endless Wellfleet oysters and a really, really, really horrible singer!

Well fleet Oysters!  What an operation!  Who wants to visit with me?

The Lobster Pot in Provincetown, still there.  (This time we weren’t riding tandem on my Moped, from our beach shack in North Truro on our ONLY day off, from Papparazzi Restaurant–NOT still there)

OK..Pepe’s Restaurant.  Gotta say..best harbor view in Provincetown..BUT..menu nothing special,  And here’s the three reasons I would not go back.  No 4.  (One, by itself, ok.  But all together…thumbs down)

1.  You are surrounded by harbors and fisherman.  Offer more fresh fish than Haddock (ok), farmed Salmon and imported Tuna.

2. If (6) oysters cost $18.00, but only 1 person wants a couple, before Lobster Bisque, and Calamari, and crabdip, and baked stuffed lobster, let that person (ME!) have 3.  It’s half the work, half the price.  Pretty simple shit.

3. When dinner is over, and we are waiting to pay the check and stroll the awesome streets of P-Town, don’t make us walk to the waitress station to find you…and be back there eating french fries.  Not cool.

**On the plus side…the Lobster Bisque was the best ever (the sherry served on the side!) and..they give you blankets on the porch!  Loved that shit.  Reminded us of Estonia.

(Read next month’s Merrimack Valley Magazine for more on Estonia!)

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