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Is it me?

McDonalds will no longer do business with the egg producer that was caught on camera abusing chickens and cutting off their beaks?  Wow…what moral consternation!  Can’t wait to see the serious as hell McDonald’s spokesman who deadpans the camera and swears how McDonalds is 100% behind animal rights, and “will not tolerate” such abuse.

Seriously Ronald?

Hasn’t this been a known fact for years?  How long ago did I first hear that McDonalds paid “farmers”, who held mega-amounts of chickens in tiny cages, where they couldn’t move, removed their beaks so they wouldn’t peck their too-close-for-comfort bird-brained neighbor to death, cages stacked on top of each other whereby chicken shat upon chicken daily?  10 years ago perhaps?  How did I know?  Because people kept saying it was true.

Now 20/20 does a story, and McD’s takes the high road.  Unbelievable.  With the buying power that McDonalds lords with, they could demand reform after reform–til the hen came home to roost!  Why don’t they?  I will tell you why!

Corporate owned food companies need to keep the the cost so very very low, salmonella and animal abuse being risks as simply “collateral damage”, so that YOU will be convinced to eat that shit rather than go to MY restaurant (or any other independant and pay additional money for quality, wholesome, ethical ingredients.

McDonalds and Penn State.

And the beat goes on…

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