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Last week, a private party of 20 were entering the front of moonstones, heading for their private room.  One of the business men mentioned lobster, overheard by our “new” chef, Rob Jean.  Knowing that we only have a few lobsters on hand for the raw bar, as lobster is not actually on the menu, Chef asked the hostess to call Market Basket to confirm that they had lobsters.  Once confirmed, he directed the server to offer lobsters to the group, should they wish.  Someone can hustle up the road and grab what we needed.  THIS type of guest focus and initiative is what separates the men from the boys!  I love my staff.

Thursday night was the annual Boys and Girls Club of Lowell Holiday Auction, at the beautiful Lowell Memorial Auditorium.  Every year it is a special night, as tons of those “with alot” donate prizes for auction for those “with enough” to compete over purchases to benefit those “with less”.  (Much, much less)  This year, the “raise your hand if you want to donate $100.00 to the food program” had so many hands in the air that it took the auctioneer a full 15 minutes to count them all.  Ridiculous generosity and love.

The best (selfish?) part of the evening is when a cocktail party for 25, donated by The Stone’s Restaurant Group (Cobblestones and Moonstones) and Hammer and Sickle Luxury Vodka got hotly contested bewteen (3) bidders and finally sold for $2900.00!!  Damn, those hors d’oeuvres better be freakin’ good!!  We ended up donating a 2nd party– creating $5800.00 for the club, on a night that over $100,000 was raised.

Now, you gotta LOVE that about Lowell!

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