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So, the last blog was about our new chef at moonstones.  Rob Jean.  Amazing.  Far and away, the most talented chef I have worked with in the 35 years that I have been grinding down these hips.  (well, the original one that’s left anyway!)

And, not to bore you with how great he is, or make his “gulliver” any bigger or even dip so low as to say “I told you so.”

But just consider for a moment, that we enter food contests annually, for 18 years at Cobblestones and almost 4 at moonstones, and though we win our fair share–for instance first prize (4) times at Lowell General’s annual kick-cancer’s-ass Taste of the Town Chef-off, against 20 others, over those 18 years-.  So what does that mean?  That’s an average of 1 win in every 4.25 years, or a 7% win rate, when the odds are a .37% chance of winning–3 awards, 18 years, 20 restaurants…Trust me, that’s what I do these days…Frkn MATH!)

That’s 7% versus the odds of winning being just over a third of a percent?  C’mon now, give it up..that’s pretty damn good.

Except, when you consider, that Chef Jean has entered two Chef contests since he joined us 4 months ago and has won how many times?

Well, two.  That’s 2 for 2.  Do THAT math.

2 contests, against approximately 40 other Chefs.  ”Best Entree” at Taste of the Town, and Best Deesert in the Merrimack Valley, held last week at the ICC.

Don’t listen to this though. It’s just a slightly slanted restaurant writing by a food-dork with a calculator.

Taste for yourself, at moonstones.  You tell ME.

(Today, we are sneaking tastes of the oven poached foie gras “cubes” that will soon be “moussed up” for pate.  
This guy creates the ever desired “hoh shit” good, time and again)  Just sayin’

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