Written by  ,     October 6, 2012     Posted in Fun, The Lighter Side

Funny, how I remind my managers to ALWAYS have a paper and pen on them, because a sharp restaurant eye will notice “a million things” in a night (or day) but an overstimulated mind will forget so much.  Wobbly tables stay wobbly, light bulbs stay out, stains remain, wall paper tears remain torn, dust builds, that leak drips on, stool spindles stay loose, etc.  WRITE IT DOWN.

Of course, I was once told by a person I respect as much as anyone I know–a true writer ALWAYS has a paper and a pen.  As inspiration strikes, the writer is prepared.  As a blogger, and part time writer-dabbler..I may never make the cut.  Case in point: I know there have been at least three very interesting and/or funny things to share with you in the past week, and I cannot remember a single one.  Not-a-one.

Didn’t write it down…

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