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I hate days like Monday.  Already conflicted, throw in a “potential” Frankenstorm and a weather-center history of stirring up more frenzy than Mother Nature ultimately does, and I am in the throes of angst.

Should we close and let the staff tend to their personal business?

Should we only close Chelmsford, where the folks are daunted by simple darkness and the approach of late night, in general, but remain open for the hearty souls of Lowell who remain steadfast-committed to  libation and celebration…storms be damned?

What of the staff who would inevitable say; “Why did you close one and not the other?  Not fair!”

What if it doesn’t happen at all–just some wind and rain?  

What about the guests who venture out only to be disappointed by our bailing out?

What of the staff who may have to do some baling out of their own–not to mention the potential of driving past falling trees and branches?

What about the staff that cares not for security– “I just need the money”?

What of the fact that Halloween business already is way down and should we afford three days of poor sales?

What if everyone’s power goes out except ours–we could be completely full like last year!!?  What a day!

What if we are completely full with hearty souls and OUR power goes out?  Oy ve/ay caramba/wtf… what a nightmare?

If we decide to close, will the phone stop ringing?

TGIM.  ”Shut it down.”

(For anyone we inconvenienced, we apologize.  Most importantly, for anyone who sufferred loss, and/or is still suffering–our condolences–and my apology for sounding like making such a decision is true hardship)

We are open.  All systems go.  (Good luck NYC, New Jersey, etc.  We are thinking of you!) 

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