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The blog today was to be a pretty funny chef story about “genius lost”, but will have to wait, in favor of more current events!  I have copied and pasted yet another angry rant, by yet another slighted ex employee, who has gone all facebook on me/us…and our “shitty” restaurant, etc.

Man, this blog could go so may directions from here–I’m snickering internally. Should I talk about what an ass I can be?  (That would be a whole chapters worth!)  Or maybe about how many ex employees have shared that same sentiment–but always in some lame text-message or social media type fashion?  I could actually share other rants that I have saved, both because they make me giggle a little bit–and also, in case, THE ANGRY TEXT MESSAGE SENT IN ALL CAPITALS BY JAY THE ANGRY EX COOK WHO DROPPED NUMEROUS F-BOMBS ever actually turned into a “postal” situation.  Evidence, ya know.  (This too could fill a whole chapter–Like one cook who showed up late constantly, smelling like booze spilled in an ashtray, growling at other staff members then wondering why we are were not promoting him)  Oops…there I go again–showing a lack of appreciation.  I can be so insensitive.

I could write about texting/FB’ing drunk, and what a bad idea it is in general…which would lead me to so many stories of drunk ex employees, and those with drug problems (sad and pitiful) and who share their anger and ill with the “community.”  (i.e. Two commenters on this employees rant are from well liked, ex-employees, both who quit without saying good bye, and one who is, sadly, rumored to be battling addiction)  Another, fairly thick chapter.  (Is it other industries as well?  Is it me maybe?  How many 20-somethings have we lost due to the pull of chemical dependance.  It’s actually, really sad)

Or maybe, I should go on about how easy it is for the lame to remain lame, the liars to lie–those who avoid taking personal responsibility for their actions–then make themselves feel better by posting how they have been horribly affronted (disciplined, ignored, fired, discussed) and all their “friends” come to the rescue.  “You poor guy…” “Screw the man” “They are horrible employers” “They short pay checks” “They never really appreciated your genius”…

Maybe this blog should talk about the second biggest offender here (after me and my “big fat mouth”) who heard me make a flippant comment about Brian while at a staff meeting, then felt the need to report it to him, delivering the message in such a way that inspired his angry fingered, mean spirited typed-attack!  If it were me, I might turn up the heat on her–I abhor the drama.  But, our classy GM–whom angry-man also trashed, actually said– “Take the high road Boss–kids will be kids–why pick the scab” (She is awesome, btw, despite his drunken, “victim” posture)

Or, maybe even better, I should tell a Dad-like story (look serious, apply gruff Dad-like voice here) “When I was younger, we left a job by telling the boss he was an asshole right to his face.  We had balls.  We didn’t go all willy-nilly on our keyboard like all you pansy-ass kids”

Maybe I should blog about how many jobs I personally left angry, especiallly the one where I ACTUALLY uttered the lame TV-cliche phrase; “You can’t fire me, I quit!”  (True story–now THERE’s a chapter for the book… “Stories of my many nights of abuse as Sheraton’s night manager”  What a joke.  Thanks, you guys, for inspiring me to NOT remain a late night loner with keys and a bad tie!

OR!!! Maybe I should blog about how kind-of humorous dude’s rant actually is–how he turns my ill placed tongue in cheek comment into a near hate-crime…after walking through flames and taking on enemy-fire for us!!  Such drama. (and what gay guy do you know spells “faggot” wrong?!)  Truth is, he was a good server, technically sound and knowledgeable, but who often made his own rules, and probably holds some sort of record for inspiring the most customer comments that include the word “arrogant.”  Still, I was told often by his fellow staffers, that especially when he thought there would be a big tip…he provided great attention.  Personally, I kind of loved his whole, get to work, make the money, go home, no bullshit persona.  I somehow looked right past the drama-gene.

So, anyway, lots of material for later blogs or chapters in the to-be written one day book.  

Here’s what happened….

Weeks ago, this waiter named *****, a 4 year employee–who apparently we didn’t appreciate enough, told the GM he was leaving for personal reasons–family issues.  Only days later, one of our employees “spilled the beans” that he was now waiting tables at another restaurant, not coincidentally, where one of our ex-managers had just begun to work.  (By the way…a growing group of ex employees now work at this same restaurant in Andover–most of them nice people, who you should visit!)

Anyway, back to angry *****…At a pre meal meeting with staff prior to service, someone was telling a story said his name (a story that I was not really listening to as I typed a memo in the corner while extorting money and spiraling downward)   When I  heard “****”, I said out loud, unconciously, and with humor as my full intent– “Do not mention his name!  He is a trader”

Now, honestly, employees come and go–and occasionally go to other restaurants–no big deal. (and so many then ask to come back!) So, when one of the employees asked for clarification– if we were really, actually angry at **** for leaving, I responded “No”, “But maybe a little hurt because after 4 years, he lied to the GM” Whoops.

End of story.  So I thought (not really..I never gave it ANY thought…actually…) until my daughter, in all her 20 year old FB-focused-world of he said-she said reported ****  (I’m smiling..it’s all so…what?  Cute?)


what is on my Mind ? Hum ? I just had a enlightening chat with one of my Friend’s and I was told during our conversation that my former Employer (Moonstones) In Chelmsford MA. The Owner Scott Plath was telling employee’s not to mention my name because, I (Brian M. Nizzia) is A “Liar, and a Trader” … Really ? I gave 4 plus year’s of service to a Steaming pile of SHIT. (Apparently) I did my BEST to make sure that this Business was successful. Your Welcome for Laundering the Cash from your Pocket to work your SHITTY Lunch Concept. Thank’s Mr Scott Plath for running your BIG FAT Mouth. You might of well of called me a FAGOT while you were at it. My family reason’s were REAL… GFY !!! My Father is out of Rehab, Thanx for asking, My Grandmother had a Stoke Thursday.and is doing just fine and I Hope the Downward Sprial that is Moonstones continue”s Thanx to you and your incompetent M.G.R. Staff. I had no intention of ever airing a complant about an Ownership of a former Employer but Mr Scott Plath made this easy…

Anyway.  I messaged an apology to Brian.  I imagine he did not accept my apology.  (HE should actually also apologize–to management–for insulting them, and to his teachers–for displaying such poor spelling and grammar! 🙂

Even in fun, I shouldn’t have gone there. Shame on me and the other “big fat mouth” in the room who thought my comments were worthy of reporting back to *****!  

I’d say “Live and learn”, but I too often don’t seem to learn.  Maybe I should apply to be on one of those hate-filled TV drama shows.  Lord knows I can get some folks all worked up and frothy!  (Of course, the REALITY of this is, angry, facebook typing tirades would probably only be interesting to a few geeky teenagers….Good drama requires swear words shouted, spitting, punches thrown, high heels and the like….

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