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It’s time to vote on our nominees for vendor of the year.  

Each year, The Massachusetts Restaurant Association collects nominations across various categories, and then, one vendor is ultimately awarded top honors.  These categories are generally limited to restaurant-specific trade; i.e The Fish guy, The produce companies, Meat purveyor, etc.

But, with my vote, I would/will cast on behalf of our landsaper, Rick Walker.

Like a new haircut, or a new paint job, when Rick’s crew has been to either of our restaurants, or our home, we notice immediately!  Everything is so perfectly trimmed, edged, swept, blown, you name it…and cleaned up to a pristine, brand new “shiny” luster.

If you want to find Ricky, visit Cobblestones during Friday Happy Hour.  That’s his most regular gig.  You might hear him before you see him–Rick’s got that proud, Lowell-cal voice, influenced by years of standing over a beastly mower or blower!  “That’s just Rick” says his beautiful and classy wife, sitting next to him each week!

Rick…I know you read this blog.  You’re the best.

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