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My public apology goes to Corey Belanger, my friend and new city councilor. My “tweak” of Corey’s celebratory gathering in one of “Lowell’s suburbs” was COMPLETELY in fun. For those, I have heard, who are making a stink of it, I assure you–I could rail all day on politics and politicians and political junkies and junkets, and people who fight battles online about politics and government and food and other people, and kissing ass, and hypocrites and liars and gaming the system for pension pay and wasted funds and horrible political appointments and wasted resources and those who pretend to be fixing shit they have no idea about, because they don’t know about anything worthwhile! And don’t EVEN get me started on those who write budgets and make fiscal decisions who have never, ever had to put their own money in the bank to make a payroll. Seriously…I could piss people off ALL DAY if I wasn’t so damned busy trying so hard NOT TO!

So, for anyone who would suggest that I was out of line, teasing my friend…I truly apologize for misleading you or being vague in my poke. Here’s my position; Corey is a good guy. Corey loves Lowell. Corey can support any business he chooses, and can celebrate in any town he chooses, and f*$# me or anyone else who questions him. There are MUCH more serious issues to get worked up about! I was only teasing for shits and giggles…and am only writing this here, because I was never “invited” to the apparent Lowell political forum, that I know/knew nothing about. (And, I’m pretty ok with that. In general, politics suck)Have at it, for sure. I just want to be certain that nobody thinks I think, that I know better than Corey!)

I can’t wait to see all the terrific things Corey and the new City council will achieve on behalf of Lowell and downtown. How about we start with expanding the commercial base, so when many of these new students sober up and graduate, they can actually get jobs close to home and afford my restaurants!! (There you go…some new material…)

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