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Have I mentioned before how I wish I could be more regular on this blog? Welcome to my irreegular world!

So, Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful that despite my irregularities, you still read this shit.
We had a nice holiday surprise…Daughter Tara, after two months of traveling Europe by herself, flew home to surprise us, without letting anyone know but her sister. Well done! (While visiting a table in the bar on Thanksgiving eve, I heard a woman screech behind me. I mentioned to the table, how I HATE when people screech in bars, and turned to look and realized it was my wife Kathy–and–she was hugging my daughter! I did NOT have Kathy removed)
Last night, after the Lowell City of Lights parade ended, I met a nice lady as I was tending the roaring fire in the lobby. As we were speaking, friend and regular customer Karen Dolan passed through the lobby. I watched as she stopped, turned slowly towards the woman, and after a couple seconds of staring asked “Pamela?” And, Pamela, “Karen?”. Then they hugged like friends, who hadn’t seen each other in 45 years, yet recognized each other! In fact, it was Pamela’s 1st visit back to Lowell since moving to Atlanta…45 years ago!
It was nice to see former Lowell-then-Boston police chief, Ed Davis at COBBLESTONES last night, to celebrate the City of Lights and attend a party on our 2nd floor for NEW LPD head-honcho, Billy Taylor. Good luck Bill, and Ed, who has left is top-cop post to do some private sector work at MIT.

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