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Freshly home from her European bus-train-hike-couch-surfing-cow-milking tour, my daughter Tara and I jaunted to Boston on a quiet Monday night, for dinner and a movie.
12 Years a Slave. For starters, what a GREAT movie. Of course, it could not exist if not for the vileness of some of our own, humankind, and coming to terms–having to look in the eye–the recurring theme that we are STILL not nearly as evolved as we like to think. Through rich cinematography, excellent acting and dialogue, great love and hatred, Director Steve Mcqueen challenges you to look hard, to not turn away, from the true evil of us, of man, as our brothers and sisters are treated in the most inhumane way possible; A movie based on the autobiography of a free black man, kidnapped, and placed into sadistic slavery in South Carolina. I dare you.

Afterwards, a much lighter mood at Eastern Standard, Kenmore Square–and much more bustle than the City as a whole, and then Union in the South End. I love Monday nights–No traffic, lots of parking, so easy to get a seat, and you can still find “busy” if you go to the right places. And, it’s easy to have apps and wine in multiple spots, in different neighborhoods! (Did I say I love Boston?) Eastern Standard SETS the standard, for all things right in restaurants–Grand design, and bustling because: The servers are friendly and well trained, the food is excellent but approachable and hearty, the drinks excellent, always. They even have a “one off” Monday night Wine List! What I DO NOT like about ES is…they make it hard to go elsewhere! That good. We then headed to Union, on Washington St, owned by the incredible Aquitaine Group (and a friend…) for Duck Perogies, an incredible glass of wine, and more attentive, hospitable service. Union is, like sister-spots around the corner; The Gaslight and Cinquecento, always excellent!

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