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Last night, I overcame my urge to throw a temper tantrum and behave recklessly–at the sheer knuckle-head-edness of intoxicated guests, who showed up after the UMASS hockey game, then decided, when no one was looking, to light a fire in the fire place. As the building filled with smoke, and the alarms went off, and we had to clear the bar and building, and the cooks and bartenders had to stop cooking and bartending, and the entire building of guests and staff had to stand outside in the cold, while the fire department rushed down, in two trucks and on foot (I love those guys…seriously!)a dozen at least, with axes and hoses and boots and face-masks…all for a false alarm, created by two guys who;
1. Denied at first, knowing anything.
2. Tried to sneak out and get in their pick up when no one was looking.
3. Allowed others to get blamed until they were identified.
4. THEN, claimed to have “meant no harm”
5. THEN, claimed to be good customers,
6. THEN, claimed to be “a Lowell fire fighter”
7. THEN, claimed to have lit “100 fires in my life”
(But, apparently, “thought the flue was open”, and, tried to light two huge oak logs with…newspaper!)
8. THEN, once the smoke had cleared, apologies offered, fire department departed, returned to the building to request to be served drinks!

Knucklehead #1 had no response when I asked; “Don’t you think it’s pretty stupid to try and light a fire in someone else’s place?”

For the record…They arrived drunk. (We may have been suspicious when they asked for a lighter…)
For the record…We are withholding names. Knuckleheads will be knuckleheads.
For the record…There is such a thing as being TOO hospitable…It’s NOT YOUR HOUSE!
For the record…The staff was great, and cooler heads prevailed.

My mom would be proud.

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