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I am ALWAYS looking for our next concept! If nothing else, the research is a blast. This week, my lives-in-NYC-while-managing-Strip House Steakhouse cousin, who now also writes a blogcousin (that you should read!) “Man gotta eat“, is really good in helping me with my pursuit. He seeks amazing food, I tag along and seek amazing concepts. (Or something like that!)

In the past few months, he has introduced me to Mission Chinese (a great story), Mario Batali’s Otto (pizza wearing a blazer), and this week, DBGB, conceived by iconic French Chef Daniel Boulud (pronounced Dan-YELL Boo-lewd) OK…DBGB is not French as much as it is a Sausage party in a tavern. (No, seriously, they make artisanal sausages in all varieties)

For starters, the design is ingenious! A huge room–mostly–with shelving holding stock, making it look like the kitchen is not there. I can’t explain it. Crazy clever and efficient and designed to the max. And, the color scheme was taupe. Yes, that’s the scheme. Taupe.

The food was good, the drinks good, the music better…and the server started our evening off with a sparkling Nebbiolo and the introduction; “I have something pink that tastes great”

I want to be a part of it….

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