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Everyone loves a deal. It doesn’t matter how well off you are, you know you do.  Free swag. “Sale”, “50% off”, “Buy one get one 1/2 off”, etc.  We have people who sit in the parking lot of the restaurant, then make a reservation on Open Table, securing their “free points” towards a discounted dinner later.  Those T-shirt cannons at baseball and hockey games?  People go nuts the way single girls go for the bouquet at a wedding.  Remember Happy Hour and  ”2 for 1″ back when Massachusetts was trying less-hard to be the fun police?!

People also love parties.  And most people love to do good things for others.

All that said, “HAVE WE GOT A DEAL FOR YOU”

Party with me, Brian Chapman and the cool-crew from the Boys and Girls Club next Thursday night, and thanks to the generosity of others, for every $50.00 ticket purchased, ANOTHER $50.00 will be donated to the Club.  That’s a 2 for 1 deal that is hard to resist!

Drinks will be cheap (Thanks to Brian!), games of chance will be fun and profitable if you win, the food will be delicious.  Thursday Night Happy Hour.  That’s right, I said it.  Arrest me!


Odds are…It’s a party.
Double donation time!  Great food, $3 drinks, games of chance.
All funds contributed will create a 100% match as Part of the Peabody Foundation Challenge
On behalf of Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell

Join us, Thursday Night, 11/13
6PM to 10PM
Your donation?  $50 gets $100!

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