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*I so regret not opting for the fish pedi while in Cambodia–where you sit on a stool, put your feet in a giant fish tank and dozens of small fish nibble at your toes and feet.  I wimped.


* I was much more brave taking lcal transport options!  While riding in the back of a ‘tuk tuk’–a driver on a motorized scooter towing a mini covered carriage, while I sit on the bench-seat behind–I noticed how many cars, scooters and tuk-tuks are weaving in and out of traffic, merging always without the benefit of stop signs or traffic lights, kids riding scooters, people crossing traffic to go the “wrong way” to park against the opposite curb, etc.  I asked our driver about what the traffic laws are.  His (humorless) reply– “there are none.”  Rogue roads, all at once thrilling and terrifying!


* Eating passion fruit right from the cut 1/2 (picture orange-yellow pomegranate seeds inside a half tangerine) is a hoot.  Sweet, sour, delicious.  Like sweet-tarts.

* Pomelo is like if a grapefruit and a tangerine had a baby.  It is as ubiquitous in Thailand as watermelon, mango and pineapple.  In villages and back yards, the owners of pomelo trees tie plastic bags over a number of the fdruit at any one time–and I assume that is to create a “greenhouse effect” and control-time ripening.  Pretty cool.


* If you are ever fortunate enough to be in western/northern Phuket, anywhere near Surin Beach or Patong, eat at Taste.  Just don’t get the steak (like certain people!)  Eat steak in America.  When in Thailand…. Just sayin’.

* Leaving for Ko Samoi tomorrow.  A loved one pointed out, for better or worse, that Ko Samoi has just lifted Marshall Law and a car bomb was detonated in a downtown garage days ago, injuring (7) people.  Apparently, the unrest is at the hands of Muslims from the Southern tip of Thailand–OR–by Thai politicians unhappy with the current regime. That’s comforting.  Anyway, I figure, it can’t be any greater risk than Cambodian traffic!



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