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We should be proud that the Supreme Court of our great country (finally) caught up to more tolerant and progressive nations and made same-sex marriage universally legal… rather than waiting for the remaining states to get on board; Places like Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, freakin’ Michigan and Ohio even… and a few others that perpetually slow our proper roll.  We now proudly join global leaders such as Ireland, Great Britain, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, France and Spain in protecting and granting the same rights to love, to all.  Hope remains for our more stuck-in-the-mud, straw-chewing, gawd-fearin’ places less ready to become truly enlightened!  Seriously y’all…it’s been a minute since Massachusetts first stepped up some 2,004 years after HIS son supposedly preached the holy message of universal love and freedom-for-the-people. Above all else, there is love.

Though a triumphant day for humanity–and the actual, action-speaks-louder-than-words mantra regarding the separation of church and state, it’s still a bit embarrassing that (4) Supreme Court Justices dissented–and actually continue to represent hate, prejudice and discrimination, while voting on laws that effect the life and future of all Americans.  Credit goes to the balls on conservative Justice Kennedy for tipping the scales of justice in the direction of acceptance and tolerance and the protection of all citizens equally–though his “courage” and that of the other progressives pale in comparison to the legions who have fought until now–those who have sacrificed, suffered and endured discrimination and hate while remaining true to self while being labeled as different or not worthy of the freedom deserved by nature, fairness and now, justice.  Public policy, and law, should be formed by love.

We still have a long way to go in becoming a truly progressive society as injustice is omnipresent in America for way too many who are not straight, white and male, while change that is just is perpetually thwarted by the likes of hypocrites such as Justices Antonin Scalia and John Roberts.

Keep the faith and keep on keepin’ on America.  Love thy neighbor, Do unto others, and all that rhetorical bullshit! We will get there, someday…when the old white guys finally die off.  You know who you are…

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