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So, a shout-out and BIG props go to our amazing staff at COBBLESTONES–a building filled with rock stars, who have been pounded with business day and night for a solid week, many going into overtime, close-open-doubles, non stop (for a crowd of future doctors, then scientists, and their folks!).  Hundreds of daily guests from two successive conventions at The Tsongas Center, for lunch and dinner, piled on to what was already a good business week and summer time promos (like 13 Thursdays Patio Parties–join us tomorrow–5pm until Lauren says so…live music, free bbq*, specialty cocktails..)

So, many in the community are complaining that UMASS and The Tsongas did not let us know in advance, of these SOLD OUT dates–starting last Wednesday and concluding yesterday.  Many apparently did what we did–beckoned staff to stay late, come in early, bribed them with free drinks after work, and rushed to Market Basket to stock up on product that we could not have anticipated running out of.  (Especially when you don’t know ahead of time).  You know what?  Welcome to my world.  We almost never actually know how busy it will be, or what people will eat.

That’s right… this guy is not complaining.  We love UMASS and The folks at The Arena! We killed it. (Hey Trista!)  Could it have been planned better?  Yes.  Could we have served more people if we were prepared?  Yes.  Could we have served the masses better, had we been able to staff accordingly?  Probably.  Or maybe not.  When you get crushed like that–full house, all at once–it’s head down, mouth shut, and move move move until the smoke clears.  And, if you do what we do…and don’t absolutely love taking that beating like we have for a week, you are in the wrong business.  We live for this shit.  (One employee quit in the midst of it all–but he wasn’t going to cut it anyway.  There were no fights, only a small spat or two, no plates got tossed, no servers cried…one incident of serious chafing was reported.. (tmi?).  Anyway, nothing that a shot of tequila won’t cure!  (And maybe some powder)  The timing was perfect, as we decided to CLOSE FOR THE 4TH–and 5th–both Stones.  The staff can use a break–and the weekend is looking perfect for a bbq, or two.


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