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Y’all think I make this stuff up!

Minimum wage is being driven higher–aggressively.

Fire codes, taxes, permits, insurance, all getting more expensive for the foodservice industry as the long arm of government capitalizes on the fastest growing industry in the country.  (Yes, I went there)

Meanwhile, those who don’t truly know how things work outside the office, think servers should be given higher hourly wages, and sick pay–though they are the highest paid restaurant staff thanks to the 20% of sales they receive from the guests.  Not the cooks. Not the hosts.  Often not the managers.  When menu prices go up in response, when restaurants are busy–the servers pay is directly and positively tied, to those sales.

So, how do restaurants stay open–while remaining committed to supporting charitable causes, offering quality food product, and affording inviting atmospheres?  If you read this blog a few weeks ago, I suggested how.  Higher menu prices–which will likely piss folks off.  Or…something more creative.  (Bottom line is…as legislation changes the financial game for an industry that already struggles with prolific financial failure, at the end of the day, the diners will have to pay for the changes)

PLEASE read the attached article, and following letter from Lowell’s Keith Harmon and his peeps for having the balls to begin making difficult changes to meet challenging times.  PLEASE support their restaurants.  They are committed to more than progressive ideas.  They are committed to quality, to staff, to guests, to the craft.  Ethics aren’t cheap.


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