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At last week’s  annual Greater Lowell Boys and Girls Club holiday auction, during the cocktail reception-silent auction hour, I came face to face with Amy Hoey, a star amongst many at Lowell General Hospital.  She was like, the hundredth person I came across since arriving–one of those events where I am shaking hands like a politician, while silently ruminating on “cold and flu season” germ-phobia.  One of those events where  every time you say “Great to see you, have a great night”, you turn away and are immediately in the face of another distingusihed guest, whereby (my mind anyway) starts reeling for the right name!  (Bob? Rob? Rich? No..Ron!! Yea, Ron!  I think…)

“Hey man, great to see you pal”  (I generally steer away from the pedestrian Lowell go-to; “Kid”)

Amy, like so few, makes this scary game so much easier–each and everytime extending her hand and reciting her name; “Amy Hoey, Lowell General.”  It’s a business thing.  It’s a beautiful thing, when you are me–and almsot every name is a struggle at first!  (Sorry Bob, Rob, Ashley, John, Miranda, Francey, Steve #5, Jamie, Danielle and the lady with the great red scarf.  All of your names were crystal-clear moments later…except for the lady in the red scarf!)

Anyway, Amy Hoey from Lowell General; “I can’t believe it’s that time of year already.”  (No shit!)

Me: “I know….”

For me, “that time of year” always, beautifully, kicks off with the GLBGC Holiday Auction.  And each year, I am moved by the generosity–and the kids–who dance, who sing, who make speeches–all incredibly–and repeatedly say thank you to the more privileged of us in the audience–many who have worked hard, who enjoy great things, and who choose to “give back”–to provide more opportunity for those who so need more.  (Food, support, education, direction, love, resources…)

Someone came upo to me last night–“Dan” I’m quite certain–and asked if I thought we would match last year’s number of somewhere around $220,000 dollars.  I don’t know the exact number–those types of details usually elude me–like names.

I’m more of a big picture dude–often distracted– “Look, flowers!!!”  The ideas, the energy, the distractions…I believe they work in direct contrast to remembering details. The big picture?  That I get. And last night, so many beautiful people, with so many names, showed up in support of the boys and girls, and kicked it…reaching deep with donations and/or time on behalf of the kids.

What a great way to begin this season of kindness and warmth and celebration.  Celebrating those smiling, resilient, worthy kids.

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