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We had a great visit to the Boston Public Market this weekend–just north of Haymarket.  Everything in the market is sourced from New England, or crafted in New England…from Red’s Fresh Fish, to our two favorite’s from Lowell “representing”… Sweet Lydia’s and American Stonecraft…who source granite and stone from farms throughout New England, then craft them into beautiful plates of varying sizes.  (Check out the new cheese presentation at moonstones!)

While we were there we sampled incredible chocolates (Taza!), nuts, cheeses (Wolf Meadow Farms) and confections (Lakota had sick chocolate covered almond cookies!).

We also learned that, according to Fishwatch, Monkfish is NOT being depleted, as was rumored just recently.  (Funny how these rumors circulate, and are then disputed and/or dispelled.)

Anyway…if you are looking to kill a couple of hours shopping, sampling and supporting local initiatives in a festive and quality environment…I highly recommend you hop a train.  North station is a 5 minute walk, and $20.00 round trip, no traffic.  (Of course, two people is $40.00, and the Haymarket Parking garage is “only” $38.00…if traffic doesn’t daunt you)

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