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Not literally, unfortunately!  But…

There’s no place like home for the holidays.

That said, I left some things dangling for this blog from our trip over a month ago, and I didn’t remember until I sampled some gnocchi recently!

I think the most fun thing about Italy, is listening to Italians talk.  It is such a blast–from grandmas to 5 year olds, Italians always sound excited and annoyed to me.  Not angry, just like, that whole “whattsamattafuhyou” sing-song, “Ima tawkin to you ah fungool!”  (For the record, that’s actually a lousy representation…it’s something you have to listen to to properly appreciate)

I think the 2nd best thing on our trip was taking out “Beyoncé’s Yacht” for one of the five days that we lived on said yacht–anchored in Sorrento for the other (4) days.  On that day we sailed on the 72′, (4) bedroom vessel to the Island of Capri (KAH-pree), Positano, Amalfi, and some remote private island miles off shore in the Mediterranean,  where we anchored, jumped in the clear blue mare, and ate a (3) course meal (with wine, duh!) prepared by the captain and two mates.  We ate the fish we caught an hour earlier, and their homemade sausage gnocchi.**

The 3rd best thing in Italy?  Tough to say, but I would have to say the aggregate eating and drinking–so much of what we enjoyed being sourced from only miles away; Octopus and shrimp (whoa), olives and lemon, lamb and boar, wine and wine!  Oh, and great pizza and free great pizza (like, “from the chef” as an amuse bouche!)

(I was grateful that 3 days were spent with our friend Carmen–who was as committed as I to try octopus on every single menu that it was offered.  So amazing.  You can talk all day about fresh pasta–I get it.  I like it.  But truthfully…I tried gnocchi on (3) occasions along the Amali coast and not one was as good as Chef Adam’s at moonstones.  Just sayin’

Pompei was bad ass.  Cliff-driving (and walking) was badass.  Positano, and the architecture of a port-town turned fancy-celebrity rich destination built into cliffs…badass.  (Unless you are physically challenged…or drunk and full!  Thousands of stairs.  Literally.

If you have not been to Italy–find (5) other friends–and go to next winter’s Boys and Girls Club auction, and earn a trip of a lifetime!! (While serving children in need and at risk!)  A win-win.  (If you need a guide…)


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