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For years, I have rejected the notion that someone can “give 110%.” That said, I have been proven wrong on a couple of occasions. (Hard to believe, I know)

And this past Monday night, as our team collaborated with the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and the national organization, No Kid Hungry,  we were joined by multiple Merrimack Valley Restaurants to raise money for hungry children in the state of Massachusetts. I remain both overwhelmed and incredibly proud at an effort I will never forget.

Chefs from both moonstones, Cobblestones, and also, The Stonehenge, Eviva Cocina, Two Chefs are better than one, The Boys and Girls Club, and, The Candy Dish donated time and food to create a 5 course dinner for a sold out 80 generous, incredible guests, as we eclipsed our $10,000 goal by an additional $4600.

The night was 100% donated, including Flowers by Albert, plates by Lenzis, printing by Owl, food and wine by the many vendors you can view on our website, the Celtic and Red Sox raffle tickets by our great friends at Trinity Ambulance who created an additional $1,000 for the children, and, the many sponsors, also listed on the website, and at Cobblestones.

Additionally, 4 other Massachusetts restaurants participated in this statewide effort, sparked by one chef owner and co board member, Andy Husband’s of Tremont 647 and Sister Sorrel. The other three included or friends at The Quarterdeck in Plymouth, The East Bay Grill in Falmouth, and, 111 Chophouse in Worcester.

And, finally, a heart felt thanks to the two dozen beloved staff members who donated their time and expertise Monday night, and then performed to the very highest level in all aspects, creating a first class event for the greatest of causes. Ask my managers… I “never” say something was perfect. This night, was as close as it gets!

Thank you all from our grateful hearts.

(New goal next year!)


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