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There’s a lot to like about Lowell.  A tag line we have heard for a few years now, even when “a lot” was more modestly represented.  But in the opinion of this guy…it does indeed keep getting better.

Take this website for example. (subscribe to the newsletter…it’s great!)  City Hall’s COOL started out very much so.  Years ago, the late Otto Erbar and Andy St. Onge “brought the fun!”  City Manager Johnny Cox back in the day also had a style–say what you want–that created energy and synergy and positive results.  Then, notsomuch for a spell. Number crunchers and sour pusses took the reins.  Newsflash… It helps to actually have COOL folks running an organization named COOL–with cool people in charge helping to grease those tracks.  (vs those with “STOP signs” and clipboards…)

Well, COOL is cooler than ever these days with a group of folks that complement each other’s skill sets well–the idea folks and those who cross the T’s and dot the I’s–a necessary combination… in my world anyway!

And now, in addition to Pho, and Ramen, and Live Music and those controversial food trucks, Lowell has some serious BBQ.  Mill City BBQ.  Get there.  (And tell Tony and Renay that you heard it from me!!)

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