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I recently had the golden opportunity to travel with great friends–2 Finns, a Wholey, a Carney, a Moynihan…guess where we went?!

It was an incredible trip, green fields, dramatic ocean views from winding roads through mountains, near-daily rain followed always by an incredible rainbow, friendly, helpful people, pubs upon pubs where  good humored folks happily and habitually shared “the craic” on a daily basis!

At times driving around Ireland, it almost felt like we might find that pot ‘o gold, feeling free from worry and blessed for such opportunity.

Then, a few nights after returning home, as I planned my column for Merrimack Valley Magazine in my head, I attended the first anniversary celebration in support of Lowell’s The Meghan House Foundation, founded by one of our best customer’s, Tim Grover.  This safe haven committed to girls overcoming substance abuse brought us back to a new reality, a world away from hill and dale. 

Tim briefly spoke to the crowd, inspired by the heartbreaking loss of his eldest daughter, of how this tragedy has inspired an opportunity for others to be saved—11 in this first year.   He thanked the many.

The room was silent as he next introduced Kayla—a current resident.  A beautiful young woman took the microphone and introduced herself as “an addict” to nearly 400 mostly strangers, and did more in a few minutes to directly convey the powerful message of struggle and loss, than could have possibly been imagined.  Through a steady flow of tearful apologies, with great courage, humility and resolve—Kayla proceeded to express profound thanks to those who have been there before and during her recovery and who continue to love, guide and counsel her until she overcomes this disease, regaining self confidence, hope, joy, life and ultimately, the custody of her only son.

As I sat completely humbled, while a great many others dabbed at tears, I recognized yet again that in my life that for all of the stories, the mountains and sea, the pursuit of riches and camaraderie… they all pale in comparison to the power of humanity and love, to persuade positive change for those amongst us most in crisis.

As Kayla’s very own rainbow begins to emerge, she will soon be re united with the greatest treasure of all!

If you would like to know more, or help more…

If you would like to read more, the Crack and Rainbows full column is available in the next issue; SPLath’s View

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