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So, “NO”, we do not know Merrimack Traveler, nor was he paid for the following 5 star review!  🙂

We wanted to share, what EXACTLY it is, we are going for.

And, for the record, We L-O-V-E Trip Advisor.  Classy, educated consumers and reviews time and again!

Please enjoy.  And thank you MT.

From Merrimack Traveler
“Probably Lowell’s Best Restaurant – Pricey But Tasty Food, Served By Professional Servers In A Nice Atmosphere”

If you’re ready for a good to great meal and want to stay “local”, give Cobblestones a try. This restaurant, in an old factory building in the center of the city near one of the power canals, is tastefully decorated, upscale and staffed with waitstaff that recognizes they work in a “better” restaurant. We’ve been there a number of times and there seems to be very little turnover in staff – a VERY GOOD INDICATOR OF THE QUALITY OF A RESTAURANT – and it’s ability to maintain a steady flow of patrons.

The food was excellent – the choice decent with specials focused on the specific seasons of the year. The wait staff were wonderful suggesting anything from a tasty appetizer to a special diner entree’. Usually we take them at their word and give a special a try.

There is a bar/pub that seems to be frequented by many of the professional firms so you’re as likely to run into an politician, or a lawyer, accountant, entrepreneur or techie as you are a family out for a nice meal together. One thing it isn’t – a “family place”. Instead it’s a restaurant you’d go to with your spouse/special person and have that great meal.

We strongly recommend it.

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