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Years ago while spending some precious father-daughter time in Manhattan, we stood in the TCKTS line and got cheap seats to see Edie Falco (Carmela Soprano) in a 2-person Broadway show.  I remember being amazed at the performance–how enraptured and moved I was by just two people with minimal props.  ‘Night Mother was memorable–as Broadway has always been. It’s Broadway.  Its NYC.

I love theater.  It’s so bold, live, flawed and awe inspiring to watch people bare their souls–one time.

And, shame on me for not taking better advantage of the shows and entertainment opportunities that exist right here in Lowell–My “backyard.”  But it is embarrassingly possible, that I have actually attended as many plays on Broadway, as I have at the Merrimack Repertory Theater. But holy shit, did I see a performance last night–worthy of any stage, anywhere–a one person performance by Charrissa Bertels that made us laugh, cry and want to go out and call friends, and rekindle relationships and take a trip to California, to tell some secrets and say thank you to some folks.

I was slightly skeptical at the “A musical” designation–not generally the way I choose.  I tend towards comedies and dramas, Though I might want to reevaluate my self-portrayal as the last four I have seen were amazing.  Wicked, Jersey Boys and Life of Brian were all awesome.   But last night…OMG.  Charissa portrayed an aspiring actress struggling in NYC who falls in love with a wealthy, charming, idiosyncratic 80 year old who becomes her boyfrrrrrahh-ahshit. Hilarious.

She danced, joked, argued, screamed, pleaded, reflected, resisted, cried and sang her ass off like you must see to believe.  Go.  You will be thrilled.

Charissa, thank you.  You were both perfect.

MRA, great job, as always.  But last night….Whoa.




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