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Every once in awhile, but rarely, I dine in one of our dining rooms as a guest.  I try very hard to just be a guest, and not notice a cob web or a bulb out or the asparagus not uniformly laid on the plate…  I fail.  It was a great dinner at Cobblestones, the brand new waitress struggling with a wine bottle but killing us with charm, humor, effort, sincerity…she will be a superstar.

Afterwards, we hit the bar for a nightcap–something I did nearly daily 23 years ago, that now also occurs very rarely.  The place was so busy, the bartender Jillian an amazing professional full of speed, charm, poise and maintenance.  The bar was spotless for the entire hour she did not stop making drinks and serving food.

And, we had the added pleasure of sitting next to a long term customer–a great and well known Lowell guy–who loves us.  We love him too.  I bought us oyster shots to toast Friday night!

And then… he explained how he hasn’t been coming in as much lately because–and get this–we are so good that he fell into the habit of thinking he should save Cobblestones visits for special occasions and when he was trying to impress someone.  Seriously!?

“…a victim of your own success.”

I hope he has adjusted his thinking.  We are NOT that special.  (OK, we are, but…we are also GREAT at burger, beers, the Friday night bar thing…Shit…we’ve been working on that for 23 years.)

Just sayin’

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