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You can join us for our regular Sunday brunch, this Sunday, the last one of 2017!  No reservations required.  The same great menu, fried chicken and waffles and the like….

OR, We’d love it if you joined us for a special New Year’s Eve dinner.  Reservations are recommended–and the Petit Filet, Butter poached lobster tail and hollandaise WILL sell out.

OR…you ARE invited–check it out in our Facebook universe–for the very 1st brunch of 2018; Day #1 Recovery Brunch–To benefit the ongoing crisis plaguing our southern neighbors in Puerto Rico.

Reservations are recommended.

So.  New Year’s Eve/Day Brunch.

New Year’s Eve.  Dinner.

And, New Year’s DAY Special Brunch.  Benefit.  Tavern.  Seafood.  Lobster.  A special Coquito Cocktail the official drink of Puerto Rico. And…

There will also be fried clams, and scallops, (Think Browns before the fire), maybe some eggs bene, and “Yes” Garrett you can add a fried lobster tail to your fried egg on a grilled burger…but here’s the thing;

If you want to celebrate the 1st day of 2018 by shucking some lobster alongside your Bloody Mary–please let us know in advance.  Click Here.  Lobster, No lobster.

Day #1.  So eggs-citing! Shuck, rattle and Rollin’ Stones.  2018.  Bring it.

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