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Kathy and I are amidst moving from our 5-bedroom family home of (23) years to a Lowell condo, less big.  It has been a week of filtering through, trashing, donating, hauling, reading old letters and kids poems, looking through old pictures and rediscovery.

It has also been a huge week for COBBLESTONES as the Future Leaders Convention completely packs the house, twice a day, nearly every day, for a week–plus Boardinghouse, Spinners, showers, etc.  I have spent my week running here and there–there (COBBLESTONES) where my help is not really much needed (a humbling blessing) and here, at home, where my help is very much needed–though surely I am mostly the pack-horse, the strategizing and organizing and directing and redirecting, canceling and re subscribing all being managed by my better half!  (with good help from two local daughters willing to claim, clean, suggest, build, bring home dinner…)

The highlights?  There, COBBLESTONES eclipsed a sales level that none of us would have thought possible at the beginning of the week.  Thanks to an incredible, hard working, festival-tested, team oriented and guest focused staff, we crushed it.  Including a satellite grill outside that served an additional couple hundred people a day (that couldn’t fit inside!) with (4) staff “sweating it out” over hot coals on 90 degree days!

Here?  While going through “stuff”, discovering a letter and large envelope sent by my sister Mai from Namibia, Africa when she was in the Peace Corps–with (4) unsmoked Cuban cigars perfectly preserved in their cigar tins!  Postmark?  1992!  When’s the last time I smoked a Cuban cigar aged 26 years?  That’d be never.  I’ll let you know…


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