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At a “Nine and Dine” in the White Mountains following a weekend wedding (This is something I find ‘old’ people do; Play 9 holes of golf then have dinner at the Clubhouse), the server told one in our party that she couldn’t recommend the Baked Haddock (old people food?) because:

“I don’t eat seafood.”

My list of “never ever” is long.  So long that one day maybe I’ll number them.  It’s surely an eventual chapter in “the book.”

“It is very popular.”

“People really rave about it.”

“I’m told its the most mild of our seafood choices.”

“Haddock, scientifically is known as Melanogrammus aeglefinus”

“It is caught locally.”

“Haddock is famously very low in Mercury–which oddly appears as Hg on the periodic table.”

“I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a seafood allergy.”

“Old people seem to really love it.”

“It is fresh, packed in ice at sea off the coast of Iceland–though that’s probably not where the ice-pack is from, even though it would make sense being called “Iceland” and all.”

“It doesn’t suck.”

Seriously. Anything is better than the lame and untrained, “I don’t eat seafood.”

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